Lou – Fundraising Marathon Run – Completed!


Well what can I say about the Marathon, I loved it! I still can’t quite believe I did it, feels quite surreal.

 I was so nervous, more nervous than is probably normal (I am not even sure what I was nervous about!)

The weather was perfect, although I did get a bit sunburnt, but the sea breeze kept you cool which was a plus.  Mum Ian my sister and the children came to watch and said it was actually quite cold standing around (ha ooppsss)

I started off great and the first 14 miles were brilliant, I was enjoying the general buzz and the sun, all on track to get 4h45m, which is the time I wanted.

Miles 15-18 were not so much fun, my watch that I was using to pace myself died! Not sure why! And then my music died on my ipod, again I don’t know why, but this all definitely slowed me down.

Miles 19-20 I perked up a bit and got back on a good pace…. Then I hit the worst part, miles 20-23 which are through Shoreham Power station, not many spectators and very boring, a lot of people start walking, which is hard to see.

I carried on but I really slowed down on this part.

The last 3 miles is along the sea front to the pier and this was lovely, the home straight!! I had given up on my 4h45 by now so just decided to enjoy the last 3 miles, I saw my family and stopped to give them all a kiss.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)Crossing the finish line of 26.2 miles is hard to describe! I was ecstatic to finish! Best feeling ever! My time was 5h13m so not too shabby! I will without a doubt be doing another one, I really did enjoy it!

Thank you so very much for all my sponsorship, It kept me going!