Build a Bike Day

On the 10th August 2016 Homestart East Surrey were invited to attend a team building day at Lilly’s site in Berkshire. Lilly employees where set the task of building six bikes of various sizes. They were unaware these bikes where being built for six particular children. We had been asked to choose six children from 6 years upwards to be presented with a brand new bike.

Lilly provided the transport from Redhill to Berkshire and we travelled with six very excited children. When we arrived security was tight and all of the children felt very important as they were given their own security pass to wear around their necks. As the teams were still busy building the bikes and our visit was a surprise we were taken to a beautiful board room and the children were served huge chocolate cookies and soda.

When the bikes were ready the children made lots of noise as they entered the room to a surprised room of Lilly employees. Each child was taken to their bike and the saddle and handle bars were measured to the correct height. There were smiles beaming from ear to ear not only from the children but also the employees, as they had thought the bikes were going to be dismantled after their team building day. Each child was able to choose some extras for their bikes and were given safety helmets and a bike lock.