Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I have a complaint?

We would hope that you could discuss this with one of our coordinators, but if this is not possible you are welcome to lodge a written complaint with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

What happens if I move away?

Unfortunately, Home-start East Surrey can only support families in the area listed. If you move away we might be able to refer you onto another Home-Start scheme.

What if I don’t like my volunteer?

Hopefully, this won’t happen. But if you are not completely satisfied with the service provided by Home-Start East Surrey, then please discuss this with a coordinator

How long will Home-Start support my family?

There is no set time a volunteer supports a family. The average time is around none months

Will all the information I give to Home-Start remain confidential?

Yes. Any discussions held between yourself and the volunteer/coordinator will not be shared without your consent. However, everyone at Home-Start has a duty to ensure the safety of children. If we believe your children are at risk then the volunteer/coordinator may have to pass this on



What if the family needed me at a time I couldn’t manage?

You tell us when you are available. This is taken into account when matching you with a suitable family. Your availability will be made clear to the family from the start

What if I start and then realise it’s not for me?

The recruitment process and preparation course are designed to help you to decide whether Home-Start is for you or not. We aim to give you the skills and confidence to work with families. However, there is no pressure on you to complete the course if you feel it’s not what you’re looking for. At the end of the course there is a final interview where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss fully any remaining anxieties you have

Will I be left on my own once I’m matched with a family?

No! You will meet with your coordinator every 8 weeks for supervision. Your coordinator is also available when you feel the need to discuss any details. Support is also available through coordinator led volunteer support groups

What happens if I’m asked to support a family I don’t get on with?

The matching process is done very carefully; however, if there are any concerns then families and volunteers can be re-matched



What if my referral is declined?

Referrals maybe declined because:

  • We may not have the capacity to support additional families at that time. (We do not hold waiting lists and you may be asked to resubmit your referral at a later date);
  • The referral may not be suitable for our service.

Should your referral be declined we will always contact you to explain our reasons and discuss alternatives.

How will I know when my referred family has been matched with a Volunteer?

We will inform you in writing once a Volunteer has been assigned (or if we cannot place a Volunteer). We will also inform you when we finish supporting the family

How long does it take to place a Volunteer with a family?

We will acknowledge receipt of your referral and aim to visit the family and carry out an initial assessment within two weeks. Following the initial visit we aim to match a Volunteer within 4 weeks providing there is an appropriate volunteer available.